About Sifu

Sifu Bruce Nepon began his training in Fut Sao Wing Chun in 1983 with his Sifu, Master James Cama. When Sifu Bruce moved to Delaware in 1992, he was encouraged and endorsed by Master Cama to teach the art. Sifu Bruce continued to visit and train with Master Cama during frequent trips to New York City.

Sifu Bruce is one of only a handful of Fut Sao Wing Chun practitioners to have learned the entire system. He teaches Fut Sao using traditional methods, as he was taught. Classes are small, allowing Sifu Bruce to give every student individualized attention.

Sifu Bruce holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education, and teaches regularly at the college level. His experience with traditional Fut Sao training methods, matched with his educational credentials, allow him to merge the old with the new to help students grasp Fut Sao concepts and techniques.