The culmination of the individual student’s empty-hand training is the Mook Yahn Jong (Wooden Dummy) form. This form is practiced on a wooden training apparatus to allow the student to apply them with springy ging power. The techniques of this form are designed to express the techinques and energy of all of the empty hand forms. This form has variations that allow practice in the basic upright stance and the low horse stance.

In addition to the empty hand versions of the wooden dummy form, there is a Baat Jam Do, or butterfly swords, version that allows the student to practice edge weapon skills with a "live" opponent.

Two Person Fighting Drills

Fut Sao Wing Chun contains unique two-person training exercises to enhance students’ fighting skills by improving their speed, timing, sensitivity and power, and to help them be at ease with one-handed, two-handed and "three-handed" fighting techniques.

In addition, we practice two-person versions of the empty hand forms. This practice allows students to become more familiar and comfortable with fighting applications from the forms in a fast-paced, close range fighting simulation.